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How much is OET exam fees | Withdrawal Process

How much is OET exam fees | Withdrawal Process

OET exam Fees for healthcare Professionals

In each blog, we read about what is OET and its importance. This Test is conducted by the Cambridge Box hill language assessment, and this test is for those candidates who want to make their career in the healthcare industry. This test makes them eligible and acts as a proof for their proficiency in the English language. Most noteworthy, Countries like the United Kingdom, Singapore, Ukraine, New Zealand, Dubai, Australia, Ireland accept this OET and make the candidates work or study in such countries.

How many times OET is conducted in a year?

OET (Occupational English Test) generally held/conducted 14 times in a year. Moreover, it is available in 44 countries; therefore, the candidates select their location as per their preference. The OET fee depends on countries’ currency. The full list of countries is mentioned on the official website of OET. This test is held fourteen times in year across different locations in India. However, the candidates can enroll in the OET exam for the next three exam dates one after another.
The performance of the students evaluated on the four modules on which test is based i.e. listening, speaking, Writing, and Reading.

Candidates who have appeared in the test can check their results online, 16 business days from the day of the exam. Subsequently, the candidate must require to log in properly to their OET profile to check the results. This Test is conducted by Australia and fees are $587AUD. The OET test fees in Indian currency is 30,000(approximately).


Is OET Useful?

After reading the above line, many people might think OET exam fee is quite high but believe this, just a one-time investment in this test will make your career in the healthcare sector soar sky-high with flying colors.
The following are the reasons that the show – Oet test is Worthful.

  • Skills are pertinent.

In OET test, the assessment of the candidate is based on their skills, the best part of this test is all questions and tasks are related to healthcare. As it is mentioned, there are four modules in the OET exam and each part is assigned with a particular time and format.

  • OET – Higher Pass rate.

OET marks are evaluated on a grade scale (A to E). However, if the candidate is seeking to go abroad for medical jobs and nursing is required to crack the exam with a base B grade. OET fees in Kerala are different from the rest of the states. Moreover, most of the candidates appear in the exam of OET from Kerala

OET is Popular

This test gets popular because people are in the field of medical making a great career. The listening task makes them grab new medical terminology, therefore this makes them make good relations with their patients and medical staff. OET is growing and now more individuals are starting to understand the test. Moreover, as per the research, 85% deliberate OET as great and above regular worth for money. You can calculate the OET test fees in Indian rupees from its website or while registering for it.

Withdrawal Policy

Let’s talk about the withdrawal policy, for example, if a candidate has already registered for the test, but won’t be able to take the test due to certain issues. So, the candidate can pull back or even get the repayment subject to the terms described below:-

  • The candidate must have to draw out one week before the test.
  • Refunds are only provided for those withdrawals which are made on or before 23:59 on Sunday, just before the test.
  • Along with this, no refunds will accommodate withdrawals made on or after 00:00 on Monday but only before the test.
  • A candidate must withdraw their whole application.
  • Most importantly, withdrawal can’t be turned around.
  • Above all, the online fee candidate has paid for registration i.e. AUD 7 will not be refunded.

How much is OET exam Fees

OET Test Fees – Withdrawal

Timeline 1 – Up to the Test administration application closing date.
Fees – AUD 120

Procedure –
  • Firstly, log in to your OET profile, find your booking and then select “Withdraw”
  • The non-refundable booking fee and the administration fee will be deducted from the candidates’ refund account.

Timeline 2 – After the closing date of application for the test administration and before 23:59 on Sunday before the test.
Fees – AUD 200

  • Here, the procedure is the same as in the above case log in to your profile and select “withdraw” Moreover, the candidate can also directly visit its official website or contact Support through call.

Timeline 3:-On Monday, if it’s made on or after 00:00
Fees – /

  • In this case, no refunds will be provided to the candidate if it is made on Monday on or after 00.00 before the test.

Hence, OET exam is not just making a path for doctors and nurses to work/study abroad but, also evaluates their level of proficiency in their respective medical professions. However, this whole test deals with different medical terminology and English vocabulary.

Good Luck!!!