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October 28, 2020

There are a lot of unwanted nerves while attempting OET Reading Part A because of the rigid time constraint.

In the exam hall, wearing a wristwatch or bringing a watch of any kind is not allowed. However, the invigilators in the examination hall will tell you precisely the amount of time left after a few intervals.

***Important – Don’t waste your time looking at the clock of the exam hall repeatedly. It can make you lose focus and worry unnecessarily. When the invigilator gives out a warning for the last remaining 5 minutes, grasp the information. But, do not lose your calm and continue with the test.

Skills required to attempt the questions in Part A & Part B are quite different.

In Part A, you have to skim and scan under a limited time. Whereas, in Part B, you have to read the given text to comprehend distinct attributes. It means you should be able to recognize slight but suggestive variance between the given paragraph and the MCQ options.

OET Reading Part A to Part B

It is essential for you to consciously pacify down your brain when the invigilators start collecting your Part A booklets and distribute Part B & C booklets. By the time you complete your OET Reading Part A, your mind becomes very active. If you then begin with your Part B in this mind state, it is highly likely you may end up making errors. It’s because you will be going through the content in Part B text rapidly.

So, what you should do?

  • Avoid letting your initial questions go to waste.
  • Compose yourself, take a breather and slow yourself down gradually.
  • You should keep in mind that unlike Part A (where the ratio of time given and questions is against you), Part B is not about how fast you go on and complete is.
  • You have sufficient 45 whole minutes to go through Part B & C texts and answer the questions.
  • Give a good amount of time for per question roughly 2 minutes) and focus on every little detail mentioned in the texts.
October 28, 2020

There are certain skills you are required to use while attempting your OET Reading module. You will find the respective skills used for each part in the OET Reading module in this blog.

OET Reading Part A 

For Part A, you will get a reading booklet which will not include Part B & C. There is a time constraint for Part A, which is 15 minutes, in which you need to complete all the 20 questions. It is extremely essential to calm yourself down and utilize these skills for proper time management

You can start by giving roughly two minutes for Scanning – which is going through Part A texts by superficially reading them. What this will do is that when you move on to answering your very first question, you will have an idea of content written in all four subtexts. As a result, you will not have to lose time in going through the texts again and again (which you cannot afford in Part A). 

Once you have done the Scanning, another skill that will help find out your answers is Skimming – where you point out the keywords in a question statement. After first scanning and then figuring out the keywords, you will directly move on to the text you think the answer is in and try to look for keywords to find out your answer.

(It is important not to focus on any non-essential information).

For instance: you need to figure out in which text the following information is embedded – 

The recommended dose of Amlong is 5 mg for patients with mild hypertension.

Now, let’s assume if Text D has all the management information. If you have done your scanning right, you will directly move on to Text D instead of wasting time in reading all the subtexts. Ultimately, you can figure out that in the statement, the keyword is Amlong 5 mg. Now, in Text D, you will try to find the same keyword and co-relate it with the statement once you have found it.

OET Reading Part B

In Part B of the OET Reading module, there are short texts (roughly 100-140 words). In that, you need to look for main points in the form of an idea or detailed meaning and gist.

One additional factor that can help you in deciphering your answer is understanding the use of VERBS in Part B. Verb manipulation is easy and is evident in texts and question options. If understood correctly, it can help you find out your answer.

For instance: The senior nurse told the intern nurses to help the doctor in the Medical Intensive Care Unit in checking the patients. 

The question for the above written statement would be: 

What did the senior nurse do?

  1. Delegate her responsibilities to intern nurses 
  2. Ordered the intern nurses to assist the doctor in ICU in operating the patients 
  3. Authorize the intern nurses to make their own decisions 

So, what will be the right answer according to you?

Figured out?

Okay, let us discuss! 

So, the correct answer would be option A. Delegate her responsibilities to intern nurses.

Why? Because delegate is a verb which means giving part of your job responsibility to someone or your subordinates, which is what the nurse in senior position was doing. 

Option B cannot be the answer as there is a change in the verb (action form) used in the statement and answer option. The statement clearly said – assist the doctor in checking the patients NOT operating the patients.

Option C cannot be the answer as the senior nurse did not authorize the intern nurses to make their own decisions, rather she was making decisions for them.

OET Reading Part C

The texts in OET Reading Part-C are lengthy and requires you to read long texts. You then need to comprehend different ideas and point of views of people as well as the author.

For Part C, you can use Inference – deductive skills to find out the answer with the help of proper reasoning and evidence. 

***It is paramount to keep in mind that skills are limited to use in respective parts only. You CANNOT use Reading Part A skills in Part B & C and vice versa. To score good, you need to alter the skills you are using with each part.

September 12, 2020

Create an account for OET Test

In this article, we discuss the way to create an account in OET portal. There is no big deal to create accounts for OET. It can easily be done at home convenience. The OET account is known as My OET. After creating an account, the candidate can easily apply for the OET test, check their results. Moreover, it acts as a platform where certain activities can be done easily.

Steps for creating the MyOET account

The six basic steps for OET portal :- 

  • Identification Card 
  • Photo of the applicant.
  • Creating a Login Account  
  • Certain terms and Conditions 
  • Security /Password 
  • Now, Essential but Additional Information 

Step 1:- Identification Documents 

Identification card actually defines candidates’ information and self-determination. During login, the candidate should know which ID card he /she will use when going to sit for the OET Exam. Many candidates don’t consider this thing important but on the test day, they might be stuck in this problem.

Important Information for ID card

  • The candidate’s ID card must have a recent photograph.
  • The particular card must have valid day, so you can sit for the test
  • Lastly, be the same person for the test.

Consequently, the candidate can take his /her test anywhere from 40 countries .The date of the test is listed on official page of the OET site. Although, the candidate can take test in his/her country or another country. On this basis, there are certain criteria the candidate needs to follow.

First Condition :- Sitting outside your country for OET Test

In this case, only the original passport is acceptable of the candidate.

Second Condition :- Sitting in your country for OET exam

If the candidate is sitting in his/her country for the OET exam, he/she has two options in the case of identification documents – whether the candidate can use his / her international passport or local identification card of his country, for instance (National card) or any other.

Let’s take an example of India, if the students is a citizen of India and planning to test in India only, then, he/she have choices of centers in India – Ahmedabad, Amritsar,

Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Kochi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Delhi. Despite, it is better to use your passport in order to avoid uncertainty on the test day.

Step 2:- Photograph 

Now, another step is to upload a photo while creating an account. Therefore, it is better to get photo ready before the candidate attempt to create the account.
Following are the requirements when it comes to upload the photograph.

  • The passport photo is required, colored one with white background.
  • The photograph should not be old – (less than three months old).
  • Size of the Photograph – 200kb to 2 Mb
  • Format of the photograph –JBG to PNG only.
  • The face of the candidate must be clearly visible from chin to forehead.
  • The photograph must be sharp and clear.

However, if the candidate is not able meet above requirements, he/she won’t be able proceed further in OET login process.

Step 3:- Go online and Create account

Now, create your OET login account. Go to the official website of OET. Then, click on the login, which is on the corner of the page. Next, click on apply /resit. Next, you will reach to the page where it asks you some login details. Consequently, you haven’t created an account, so click on Register. After that, a pop up appears that will ask about the applicant’s personal information. Fill those details and questions with * is mandatory to be filled in.

Following are the guidelines while completing personal information:-
  • Name of the candidate – Fill in Given name, Family name and Middle name is optional.
  • Date of birth: When the applicant clicks on this, a calendar will appear. Select the date of birth, month, and year. Be careful, the year must be correct.
  • Gender: – Select the gender from the dropdown box.
  • Photograph – Now, here step 2 is covered i.e. where the phot is uploaded.
  • Profession: – Now, this is a very important phase, where the candidate needs to be very careful. There are a total of 12 professions in Oet Test. Therefore, the candidate will select his /her profession, where he /she wants to sit for the OET exam. The twelve professions mainly are:-
Occupational TherapyPharmacy
Veterinary scienceSpeech pathology

Therefore, from above 12 professions, the candidate will select his/her main key in which he/she wants to take the test. For instance, if the candidate wants to register in the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), he/she will go for the Nursing Profession.

  • Address – Fill it with your permanent address.
  • Contact Number: – Fill this space with your phone number along with country code/area code.
  • ID type – As we discussed at step 1, there is a major importance of Identification documents while creating an OET account. While clicking on this, the dropdown will appear with three options – Passport, National Id, and Alternative Id.
  • ID number – Correspondingly, Fill this space with Id number, the candidate has keyed in the above section.
  • Nationality – Select the nationality from dropdown options.
  • First language – In the same way, Select your first language from dropdown options.
  • Email:-To get all the recent updates related to OET test dates and fees, fill this space with email is and confirm it by re-entering it.

Step 4:- Terms and Conditions

By filling all personal details, click on “NEXT “. Afterward, the terms and conditions page will appears, read them carefully, and select I agree, then Next.

Step 5:- Security answer

In this section, the candidate will create a username, a password for security.

  • Username: – The username should be unique and a minimum of 6 characters. If the same username existed, the system will prompt a message displaying this username is already exists. Therefore, the candidate tries to create a new one until the system accepts it.
  • Password: – Now, the most important is to create your password. Subsequently, the password should be unique with one capital letter and numerical value.
  • Security question: – Certain questions will be asked in this section just to ensure security. From the given dropdown options, select any question like Name of your first friend. The candidate must provide his/her answer and remember it too.

Step 6:- More Information

Finally, the last step in the registration process is to fill up some additional Information. OET will ask you questions like Why OET? What is your recent qualification or have you taken an English language test earlier?
Click the given CAPTCHA and click NEXT.
Here, you have completed the whole process of OET registration.
All the best!!!

June 5, 2020

OET exam is a doorway to make your career in the sector of healthcare overseas. Consistently, every month number of students appear in the OET exam in the wake of tangible advantages on clearing this exam.

Tips to score good In OET Speaking test exam

Now let’s talk about how to improve OET speaking test. Even though you are quite good at English and speaks confidently, but when it comes OET speaking Test, you need to care about basic things.

Following are certain tips and strategies that will help candidates to get god grades in OET exam

If we talk about the speaking phase, we must know what examiners are listening to when you speak. Following are the certain tips that will help you to get good grades in the OET exam.

Play your Role

In the speaking sessions, there is an interlocutor who might be playing the role of a patient or any other client. Therefore, you have to play your role confidently. You have to act as a nurse, doctor, physiotherapist dentist, or any other healthcare professional. Your task is to act like that and most specifically be a professional as you are dealing with your real client or patient.

Breaking the ice

The most important thing the candidate should always take care of is he/she is the one who will start the conversation first. Therefore, you need to keep this thing in mind, you will be in full on the professional setting, so the candidate has to ask the questions or talk to the patient. Don’t assume that the patient will ask or start the conversation, as you will be in that role of (doctor-patient,) so break the ice and start giving advice or asking questions. However, 2 out of 10, patients or clients start the conversation, otherwise, you have to start it of your own.

For instance

Hello I am Aliza and I ‘am a community nurse. How can I help you?

Keep the Conversation On

Again, it’s all up to you to maintain the conversation. However, if at a certain point, the silence is invaded, so, it will be the candidates’ responsibility to make it go again.
For instance – Can you tell more about this situation?
Is there is anything that you would like to add?

Understand the patient/client (the interlocutor)

Although this phase is all about speaking, at the time, the candidate must listen to his patient also. Because, in order to reply to him back, you must know what to say after that. Most importantly, don’t just focus on your results, focus on the interaction too.

Upgrade your language

Don’t speak fast while talking to patients. Stay calm and polite while dealing. The candidate must know how to talk to a depressed 70 year-old-man. On the other side, how to g give a reply to an aggressive 19 year-old-man.

Be ready for unexpected turns

During your interview, there might be such situations can come where they ask such odd questions just to check your flexibility in your language and response. Don’t forget, the interviewer knows everything that is going in the real world, therefore, he/she merely wanted to know how you respond in such tough situations.

For instance – Can I have your number after the consultation?
What do you do?

So, be alert!!!

Maintain your roleplay

Lastly, the most important thing that can help the candidate to score grade A in OET speaking test is to maintain the role you are playing i.e. as a healthcare professional (Doctor, Dentist). You have to maintain these three stages introductions, body, and conclusion.

  • Introduction –The candidate should first introduce himself and start the conversation.
  • In the body – You should go with the flow that is happening in the conversation.
  • In conclusion – The candidate can conclude by saying – So, we have talked about the use of X medicine and I understand your problem, so I think it’s the best thing to do.

Therefore, above all, certain tips that can help a candidate to get optimal results in OET speaking test.  OET Exam is all about evaluating the candidate’s capability in the field of English Language. This test checks the English proficiency of the candidate and makes him work abroad in the healthcare sector.

June 5, 2020

OET exam is all about accessing the candidates’ capability in the field of the English language. Therefore, if you are planning to pursue your future in the medical field, but, in a different country as an employee or as a student, the candidate must have to clear this test. This test also helps the candidate to get aware of certain medical terminology. Moreover, it makes them more confident in their stream. So, yes it is quite necessary to clear this test with the best OET coaching and guidance.

Importance of OET Coaching Center

Study environment

Firstly, while taking classes in the coaching center, it creates a study Environment. Subsequently, which is important for the candidate. Through classes, the students can exchange their ideas and get more information. In OET classes, you can update with new medical terms. Now, there are many OET coaching centers in Kottayam, Delhi, Kerala.

Regular Test

OET Coaching centers help you to take tests regularly. The formats of tests will help the candidates to get used to with the test. The practice of taking a test will help during their exam day.

Enhance the confidence

During the classes at the coaching center, the candidate gets confident. They share their various task in front of many students which automatically boost their confidence level.

Study material and resources

Most importantly, with the help of teachers at OET coaching centers, the candidates get benefited from the study material. They provide tips and tricks that are helpful for candidates to crack the OET exam.

Pressure from centers

Lastly but quite obvious, every coaching center tries its best to make you crack this OET exam for their best results. Consequently, this back support will help you to learn better and fly higher. Now, centers also provide OET online Coaching in Kerala.

How to choose the best OET coaching Center?

Now, the questions arise, which coaching center is best for the candidate to crack the OET test. Now, OET coaching centers in Chennai also provide online studies of this exam.
Following are certain factors which will help you are choosing the right path for your better

Khaira Education OET

Competitive Test series – Firstly, The best coaching center helps in arousing the candidates’ preparation against the fierce competition. Consequently, the regular test series will evaluate, whether this coaching center is good for you. Test series is very crucial for candidates those are appearing in the OET exam, because the more candidates take the test, the faster he/ she will get over the fear of OET exam.

Teaching Approach – Teaching method, the most important factor for selecting any coacher center. First, ensure the teaching method they provide. For instance, there are four tests in the OET exam – Listening, Writing, Reading, and Speaking. These tasks are further divided into subtests. Therefore, in the writing phase, certain tips are required to complete that task no time. So, in the classes candidate must grab such things.

Past Results – Another factor, which helps the candidate to choose the best OET coaching center for cracking the exam is their past results.

Course Content – Valuable content and health completion between classmates adds value to the coaching center. Moreover, OET online coaching in Kerala provides two months or crash courses as per the candidate’s requirements.

OET preparation Providers

There are Two Sorts of OET Preparation providers mentioned below:-

Non-premium Preparation Providers

They have begun the OET preparing program and even though they are yet to finish the course. Moreover, they have shown to OET that they meet certain rules expected of a respectable English language course. The candidate can see these suppliers by checking the box ‘show non-premium suppliers’

Premium Preparation Providers

They have effectively finished an OET encouraging abilities program. Along with this, they have shown significant levels of value in material creation and educational program arranging. They have been supported by OET to offer courses with explicit section level necessities and course length that give understudies the necessary language level and abilities to come to their focus on the OET score. These suppliers are permitted to show the Premium Preparation Provider logo.

OET test is like a bridge for those who want to make their career in the era of Medical filed outside their country. If they cross this bridge, they have a lot of opportunities to make their name in the field of healthcare. This can be done by taking proper guidance from the best OET coaching center.
Good luck!!!