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December 18, 2023

Why Choose Khaira Education for OET Training?

Choosing the right training provider for the Occupational English Test (OET) preparation is crucial for healthcare professionals aiming to practice in English-speaking countries. Khaira Education has distinguished itself as a premier institution in this field. Let’s explore why this institution might be your best choice for OET preparation.

Asia’s First OET-Accredited Provider

Khaira Education is celebrated as the first OET-accredited training provider in Asia. Accreditation signifies that the institution meets high standards for OET training, ensuring that the curriculum and teaching methods are up-to-date and effective.

Premium Preparation Provider

Listed on the official OET website as an All Stars Premium Preparation Provider, Khaira Education offers a level of recognition and trust that candidates seek. This listing is a testament to their commitment to excellence in OET preparation.

Khaira Education for OET Training

Expert Course Design

The courses are designed and taught by Gurleen Khaira, a certified master trainer. Her expertise is reflected in the comprehensive curriculum that focuses on all aspects of the OET, from reading and writing to speaking and listening.

Author of OET-Preparation Books

Gurleen Khaira isn’t just a master trainer; she is also the author of eight OET-preparation books. These resources are invaluable for students who are looking for an in-depth understanding of the test format and strategies to excel.

Unmatched Trainer Expertise

Gurleen Khaira’s work in OET boasts a feat unmatched by any other trainer in the country, emphasizing the unique expertise available to students.

High Success Rate

The institution claims a 90 percent success rate, which speaks volumes about the effectiveness of their training programs. This high success rate is attributed to the student-centered environment and personalized attention.

Student-Centered Environment

A student-centered environment ensures that the training is tailored to meet individual needs. From customized study plans to regular personal tutorials, the institution prioritizes the success of each student.

Customized Study Planning

Recognizing that every student has unique needs, Khaira Education offers customized study planning. This individualized approach helps students to focus on their weak areas and improve more efficiently.

Regular Personal Tutorials

Personal attention is key in OET preparation, and Khaira Education provides regular personal tutorials. These sessions allow students to receive focused guidance and feedback on their performance.

Why Choose Khaira Education?

With a student-centered approach, premium recognition, and expertly designed courses, Khaira Education stands out as a leading provider for OET preparation. The institution’s dedication to student success, embodied by its high success rate and customized tutorials, makes it an ideal choice for healthcare professionals seeking to pass the OET with flying colors.


Khaira Education’s strengths lie in its accreditation, premium status, specialized course design, and the unmatched expertise of its trainers. For candidates looking to prepare for the OET effectively, Khaira Education offers a comprehensive, personalized, and proven pathway to success.