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January 8, 2024

Your Pathway to the UK: Navigating NHS Nurse Recruitment with Khaira Education’s OET Expertise


The United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) is continually in search of skilled nurses from around the globe. A critical step in this journey is excelling in the Occupational English Test (OET), an essential requirement for healthcare professionals. Khaira Education, a leader in OET coaching, offers unparalleled support in this endeavour.

The NHS Recruitment Process:

Understanding the NHS recruitment process is vital for aspiring international nurses. It involves meeting specific qualifications, including language proficiency evidenced by the OET. This test assesses English language skills in a healthcare context, making it distinct and essential for nursing roles in the UK.

The recruitment process for Indian nurses looking to work in the NHS in the UK involves several key steps:

English Language Proficiency: Candidates must demonstrate their proficiency in English, which is essential for communication in healthcare settings in the UK. This can be achieved by passing either the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) or OET (Occupational English Test). The required scores are:
IELTS: A minimum score of 7 in reading, speaking, and listening, and 6.5 in writing.
OET: A minimum grade of B in reading, speaking, and listening, and C+ in writing.

If you want to know more about how scores can be clubbed from two test sittings, please refer to this reel by Khaira Education:

NMC Eligibility & Qualification Application: Nurses need to create an online account and complete an eligibility and qualification application with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). The NMC confirms eligibility for registration usually within 14 days. Experts at Khaira Education can help you with this process.

Computer-Based Test (CBT): Applicants must take a CBT, which assesses their knowledge and skills to practice nursing in the UK. The results of this test are typically available within 48 hours.Unique to Khaira Education, we provide free Computer-Based Testing (CBT) preparation materials, an essential component for nurses’ recruitment to the UK. This added value by Khaira Education ensures comprehensive readiness for both OET and other necessary examinations.

Job Interview & Job Offer: Nurses attend a direct or online interview arranged by partner recruitment agencies. Upon successful completion of the interview, they secure a job offer and complete pre-employment checks.Khaira Education will provide exclusive preparation materials to assist you with your preparation.

Certificate of Sponsorship from Employer: After clearing the CBT exam, the employer assigns a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS). The sponsorship reference number on the CoS is used for the Tier 2 visa application.

Tier 2 Health & Care Worker Visa Application: The applicant submits their Tier 2 visa application, including a biometric application. The visa is generally approved within 3 weeks.

Travel to the UK: Arrangements for travel, including flights, airport pickup, and temporary accommodation, are typically organized by the partner recruitment agency or the NHS trust.

Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE): This exam assesses the clinical knowledge of the applicant. Results are emailed within five working days from the test date. This needs to be completed within 90 days from date of starting your job in the UK.

Complete NMC Registration: After passing the OSCE, nurses submit health, character, and language evidence to the NMC. Successful candidates receive a Registration Number from the NMC (PIN).

This process involves careful planning and preparation, especially in terms of meeting the language requirements and passing the necessary examinations. Recruitment agencies play a crucial role in guiding candidates through this process and ensuring a smooth transition to working in the UK NHS.Khaira Education can make the transitions between different steps as smooth as possible.

Why OET Matters:

OET is recognized by the UK’s Nursing and Midwifery Council, making it a mandatory step for nurses aiming to work in the NHS. It differs from other English proficiency tests by focusing on language skills needed in healthcare settings.

Choosing the Best OET Coaching:

Effective OET preparation is crucial. Prospective nurses should seek coaching that offers experienced instructors, tailored study plans, and comprehensive support – all hallmarks of Khaira Education’s program.

Khaira Education’s Excellence:

As Asia’s first Premium Preparation Provider for OET, Khaira Education stands out with its course designed by Gurleen Khaira, a distinguished author of 8 OET-preparation books and certified Master Trainer. They offer TESOL  and CELTA certified trainers, an online learning management system, and extensive support, contributing to their high student success rate.


For nurses targeting a career in the UK’s NHS, excelling in OET is a pivotal step. Khaira Education emerges as a trusted partner in this journey, offering expert coaching, extensive resources, and unique benefits like free CBT and OSCE preparation.