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January 23, 2024

Navigating Active and Passive Voice in OET Writing: A Guide for Healthcare Professionals


Clear communication is the bedrock of effective healthcare delivery & OET Writing exam. Recognizing this, Khaira Education’s OET training courses in Chandigarh focus on the nuanced use of active and passive voice in writing, an essential skill for nurses and other healthcare professionals preparing for the OET.

Active vs. Passive Voice: A Strategic Choice in OET Writing

In OET writing, the active voice tends to be more direct and vigorous, making it suitable for instructions and actions taken by the subject. The passive voice, meanwhile, is often utilized to describe patient care where the doer is not the focus.

Active Voice in Action:

”The surgeon will perform the operation on Tuesday.”
”The patient is taking the prescribed medication.”
Passive Voice for Patient Focus:

”An operation will be performed on the patient on Tuesday.”
”The prescribed medication is being taken by the patient.”

Activity 1: Transforming Voice for Emphasis
Convert the following sentences from active to passive voice to shift the focus onto the action rather than the subject:

The physiotherapist is planning a rehabilitation program for the patient.
Nurses monitor the vital signs every hour.

Activity 2: Choosing the Appropriate Voice

For each scenario below, choose whether an active or passive voice would be more suitable in a OET discharge or transfer letter:

Scenario: A summary of the patient’s hospital stay needs to be communicated to the local GP.

Active: “The healthcare team scheduled a follow-up appointment for the patient.”
Passive: “A follow-up appointment was scheduled for the patient by the healthcare team.”
Scenario: A summary of the patient’s hospital stay needs to be communicated to the receiving facility.

Active Voice: “Our team provided comprehensive care for the patient’s condition…”
Passive Voice: “Comprehensive care for the patient’s condition was provided…”

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