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PLAB for Doctors

PLAB for Doctors

Registered Practitioner in UK


The Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board test – known as the PLAB test – helps GMC UK to make sure doctors who qualified abroad have the right knowledge and skills to practice medicine in the UK.

All about PLAB test?

If you graduated from a medical school outside of the UK, European Economic Area (EEA), or Switzerland, you’ll probably need to take the PLAB test. The PLAB test will check that you know and can do the same as a doctor starting the second year of their Foundation Programme training in the UK. Before you can take the PLAB test, you’ll need to set up a GMC Online account and show us that your medical qualification and knowledge of English are acceptable. Once you’ve done that, you can book your place on part 1 of the PLAB test.

There are two parts of PLAB test:

  • Part  1: Following a review, the number of questions contained in the PLAB Part 1 exam (the UK and overseas) is being reduced from 200 single best answer questions to 180. This will be effective from the June 2018 PLAB Part 1 exam onwards. 
  • Part 2 comprises 18 scenarios, each lasting eight minutes

Before taking the PLAB test, you must have:

• A primary medical qualification accepted for limited registration by an institution listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools

• Taken the OET B grade in all modules or IELTS academic modules and attained a score of at least 7.5 overall and a minimum of 7.0 for all four language skills.

What happens after you’ve passed PLAB 1 and PLAB 2?

Once you’ve passed both parts, you can apply for registration with a license to practice. Your application must be approved within two years of passing part 2 of the test. Once we approve your application and you gain registration you can work as a doctor in the UK.

How we can help?

Khaira Education in association with PLAB Coach offers the most up-to-date PLAB courses for both PLAB 1 and PLAB 2. Our PLAB training will take you above and beyond the requirements set by the General Medical Council UK. We offer venues worldwide including UK, Asia, and Africa.