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At our OET Test Preparation centers in Amritsar and Mohali, we deliver unsurpassed training to health professionals thus enabling them to excel in their exam in the first attempt itself! We are a team of expert trainers who are not only qualified but professionals to the core and have unrivaled experience in intensive training since 16 years. We have established a stellar track record of satisfied and triumphant students.

So why choose Khaira Education?

What are the special and distinct attributes that we possess which the other institutes in India cannot boast of?

What makes our training so unique and effective?

To condense 16 victorious years of experience into a few sentences seems next to impossible but allow us to explain some key features of our team and methodology that makes us the best in the business! Our trainers are familiar with the challenges faced by non-native speakers during acquisition of a language and are professionally well-equipped to tackle them. Our intensive exam preparation courses are aligned with the exam format to make you as ready as possible for passing the OET exam. We have developed our own resources and books to help you gain a better understanding of the strategies which improve your score. As well as this, we constantly update our materials.

Our outstanding teaching methodology forms an indispensable tool in your success. Our classrooms are specifically designed to make learning easier with audio-visual aids. We understand the differences in cognitive structures in students and each lesson plan is designed keeping in mind the learning capacity of the students and mixed abilities. Regular practice tests and constructive feedback by the course leader, Gurleen Khaira, and the master trainers improve your performance daily. You will learn in a collegiate environment that promotes healthy competition and is conducive to learning. With our long-standing experience and success in this field, we have developed smart strategies that are specifically tailored to improve your score in a set time-frame. We take tremendous pride in the fact that we have not only helped professionals clear OET with A/B grades in the first go, but also enhanced their communication and interpersonal skills that have supported them in their careers. Thus, the students are able to achieve 'two birds with one stone' goal with simultaneously clearing their exam as well as improve their employability skills.

OET 2.0 Courses

Name of Course (Classroom/Online) Hours in Length Entry Level Requirements OET  Professions Taught Hours in Length Entry Level Requirements OET Professions Taught
Beginner 255-260 hours 5.5 IELTS Nursing 90 hours+ 90 hours(intermediate) +168(advanced course) + 12 hours mock test
Total course duration- 360 hours
5.5 IELTS* C in all  module D* in any module-beginner Nursing
Intermediate 180-180 hours 6.0 IELTS Nursing 90 hours + 168 hours + 12 hours mock test Total course duration – 270 hours 6.0 IELTS 2 skills C no skills D-intermediate Nursing
Advanced 105-110  hours 6.5 IELTS Nursing Medicine 168 hours (28 days) + 12 hours (3 mock test) This time does not include 1 – hour doubt clearing session held  on  each Sunday Total course duration – 180 hours 6.0 IELTS OET – c + (1 skill C no skill D)
Equivalent scores for internal placements tests
Nursing Medicine