about The Updated Listening test has three parts which are as follows:

Part A has two consultation extracts (about 4.5 -5 minutes each)

Part A assesses a candidate's ability to identify specific information during a consultation. Candidates will listen to two recorded health professional-patient consultations and will complete the health professional’s notes using the information they hear.

Part B has six short workplace extracts (about 1 minute each)

Part B assesses a candidate's ability to identify the detail, gist, opinion or purpose of short extracts from the healthcare workplace. Candidates will listen to six recorded extracts (e.g. team briefings, handovers, or health professional-patient dialogues) and will answer one multiple-choice question for each extract.

Part C has two presentation extracts (about 5 minutes each)

Part C assesses a candidate's ability to follow a recorded presentation or interview on a range of accessible healthcare topics. Candidates will listen to two different extracts and will answer six multiple-choice questions for each extract.

The Listening sub-test is designed to assess a range of listening skills like identifying specific information, detail, gist, opinion or the speaker’s purpose or attitude. These skills are assessed through note-completion tasks in Part A and three option multiple-choice questions in Part B and C.