• 85 % of students in high school in India are very concerned about which option to choose for their higher education.
  • 92% students do not get career related guidance in schools
  • 44% schools have only one dedicated counselor which is affecting the quality
  • 13% schools have no career counselor to provide the much-needed guidance
  • 76% counselors agree that there is a huge scope for career counselling in schools as well as outside.
  • Once the students graduate and continue in the world of work,  they will face many decisions as well.  These will range from which options to take, where they hope to volunteer, if they choose to travel or go abroad, and ultimately where they hope to work and live.

Why Career Counselling is important? 

If you are stuck with a job which does not suit your academic aptitude or is at odds with your values or personality, you may not be able to realize your true potential and your performance will be severely impacted. 

The Career Planning Process includes Knowing Yourself, Exploring Your Options, Getting Focused and Taking Action.


  • We offer career guidance including career planning and career assessment to students from class 9th onwards after weighing in the aptitude, personality and interests of the student, along with an understanding of the economic background of the student, and then relating it to the market reality leading to a more informed and correct career decision. After the students have decided on a course, our counsellors help them in selecting a suitable country to pursue further education. Once the country has been finalised, we shortlist universities and colleges matching the student’s aspirations and advise them on the requisite entrance examinations and admission criterion and assist them in making applications to the selected institute. This is the stage where the students benefit immensely from our experience and expertise. Further, we advise the students on visa guidelines and carefully peruse the documents provided to us by them and guide them on any outstanding requirements according to the check-lists. While the students are responsible for drafting and collating the documents, we carefully review the case file so that chances of success are maximized.
  • Our Psychometric tests are designed to measure a student’s cognitive ability and personality attributes so that a best career-fit can be ascertained. They have three types of questions which are Tests of memory or specific aptitudes (such as the student’s ability to work with words or numbers), skills such as manual dexterity and eye for detail and others which describe a student’s personality, interests, values and motivation. To recapitulate, we test personality, aptitude and attitude. Any student who feels confused or undecided about choosing a certain career should take a psychometric test which will help him/her in getting a relatively accurate and insightful picture of his/her suitability for a particular stream/field.
  • We have a language lab designed that is designed especially for school going children, runs parallel to and complements the school curriculum in India. All of our English language programs are meticulously researched and use a blended methodology of Instructor led Training (ILT) and Computer Based Practice (CBT) along with special emphasis on pronunciation and removal of Mother Tongue Influence (MTI).

A guiding message for the students from our Director

I recommend that students should start seeking career counselling after 8th class. Starting early gives the student time in understanding the numerous career paths to pursue. There are about 200 careers to choose from, all as good as or in fact better than in STEM or medicine. See what subjects have an innate appeal to you. Speak to a professional counsellor,parents, teachers about subjects and career choices and put 100 % effort in that direction. Do something that excites you, something that you enjoy. Also, never cease to build reasoning skills, keenness of intellect and empathy. These essential life skills will go a long way in your professional success. – Gurleen Khaira


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